Christmas is just around the corner so today i wanted to show you some outfits i recently found on a website called . Of course, you can find lots of beautiful clothes for many occasions there, but today i want to focus on Christmas Eve outfits. If you still don’t know what to wear during this time, i hope i’ll help you together with stylewe!

So these are three different outfits i prepared for today. You can find them here- JUMPSUITS. I picked these particular outfits because on Christmas Eve you have to stay elegant at some part, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel comfortable. I think, jumpsuit is the best option because it looks chic and at the same time it’s really comfy. And you don’t have to worry if your top doesn’t match to the rest of the outfit ;).

So, i really like the first one, black&white. These pants were really trendy this year and i see them very often on the streets. As a jumpsuit, it’s more unique. By adding the white top it looks more like a high fashion look. I would wear it with black high-heels and some comfy cardigan! You can find it here.

The second one is something i would definitely wear and feel great ;). I usually wear short jumpsuits during summer, but this one is perfect if you’re spending Christmas at home. It’s so chic and pretty and the beads on the top make it look elegant. It’s available here.

The third one is something more comfortable. I picked it because of the material that you can find in every possible store right now. I really like this trend so i immediately fell in love with this jumpsuit. I would wear it with embellished bag and high-heels, so it would look more chic. You can find it here.


So, these are my propositions for Christmas Eve dinner. I found all the clothes on If you are curious of other outfits, you can find more ideas on their instagram – stylewe.

Have you already picked the perfect outfit for Christmas? Share it with me! I’m looking forward to your comments and ideas! 🙂

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